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From a series of 4 books by Julia Golding.

Copied from Wikipedia about the plot of the first book:
"'The Secret of the Sirens takes place in the southern regions of a fictional Great Britain in the seaside town of Hescombe. Here we meet (presumed) 11-year-old Connie Lionheart, who is left in care by her parents to her Aunt, Evelyn. The story is about how Connie discovers that she has a special power, to communicate with animals. Not conversationally, but able to get to know who they really are, and sense their actual being. She feels comfortable, and has a sense of belonging with them. But the story is also about mythical creatures, as she discovers that her aunt is part of a hidden society that protects them from discovery. Now the society is in danger. Kullervo, a powerful and evil force, is gathering an army of creatures who want to reclaim their place on earth, and not be hampered by humans. They want to eradicate humans and create a new world they can live in. Connie discovers that she has an amazing power, and she, together with her friends and the Society for the Protection of Mythical Creatures, have to try to save the creatures from the threat of exposure."

September 13, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterChristian F.