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Your Suggestions > Hellboy: age of darkness

They need to make the last and third installment of hellboy. i admit hellboy 2 wasnt great but they cant leave it off where liz is pregnant with twins! so whats the story line of the next installment? well liz is pregnant with twins, and she goes into labor. DURING her labor, she isnt strong enough to give birth and she is on the verge of death, hellboy on the other hand is too busy fighting other creatures. as he hustles to his babies birth, liz is fighting to live and give birth. BOOM hellboy gets there and he sees his twins (boy and girl)...but alot of blood too! he looks and finds liz on the hospital bed cover in blood because they had to cut her out. She gets an affection and wasnt going to make it, her last words to hellboy are "be a good father and take care of them" she dies, hellboy goes nuts and goes on a rampage, the kids are taken away by the secret agency, hellboy horns grows back and goes devil mode and loses control. He becomes the king for all the creatures and raises hell like what he was meant to do. The world falls into darkness. fast forward 20 years mankind forced into towns protected by military and walls while the twins were trained by the secret organizaition to fight their father. BAM THERE it is the basic start of it. what do ya think? they should totally make this movie, it'll be badass and it was be awesome to see!

September 7, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterjay vang